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Rafe's Workshops

Rafe's Workshops 3 Mayfield Road

The workshops that Rafe runs (sometimes as collaborations with other professionals) can be life changing!
See the testimonials - Often we carry things (loyalties) that do not really relate to us at all. Visiting the hidden dynamics releases that energy fast and deep and safely and enables you to get on with your life in an easier way.

A number of people have come back to me years later and acknowledge that the constellation workshop we engaged with changed everything!

If you want to dig deep into this work, then (of course) I would recommend you read the books I have written on the subject.

"I cannot recommend Rafe's work enough - every time I have attended one of his courses, I have got more out of it than expected. In my opinion Family Constellations Therapy goes far deeper into the subconscious than any other practice I have tried." Karen

"Rafe took me through family constellations in a super profound way. He was able to channel and open me up to things I already knew intuitively, but to have things validated and shift was huge for me. It's allowed me to cut all ties and chords associated with family members, use my voice properly and have deep compassion and forgiveness. Thank you for your work Rafe it's so important." Emma

Charging - prices vary, and do to some extent depend on your ability to pay, but in the first instance, please email me.

This book deals with the general principles of Constellation work and explains how the sessions work. I use sentences to help clients adjust the tensions they experience in relationships, and this book is an amalgam of those ideas. It is meant to stimulate ideas about what one might say for instance, to the child of a mother who had died in childbirth.