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  • Workshop Thanks Janey was great to meet you and Rafe - here's a testimonial as requested.
    Family Constellation in York was a revelatory experience. I had no idea what to expect - it is indeed very hard to describe - but what I can say was the group of us attending bonded really quickly in what was a safe and honest welcoming space held by Janey and Rafe, who's kindness and empathy shone through. I learnt so much about why I tick from listening to the others and engaging in the scenarios. There was no awkwardness and it all felt very natural. I will definitely do another as as Rafe said once you open one door and look inside you do indeed see others that might well be worth peeping behind. Ali from Shropshire/Sober Club member
  • Workshop Thankyou so much for taking the time to help facilitate such a powerful and enlightening event in such a professional, warm and safe space. I initially felt very apprehensive for a number of reasons, but once I relaxed into the group I started to feel safe which is a credit to you and Rafe and how the individuals issues were addressed in such a sensitive and caring manner Personally , and I am happy for you to share anything I say (anonymously under my initials) is that not only from personal therapy, but also as an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist for over twenty years , that I feel I have finally found the 'missing piece' in my own 'story' in my 'forgotten' brother and my children's uncle which I realise now will play such a part in their own footprints. I just wanted to say thankyou xx Really hope to cross paths with you again and will be looking out for more events Namaste!
  • Workshop I didn't know what to expect from family constellations. It is hard to explain how it works. I found it more objective than other therapies. It enabled me to understand how my life has been affected by my ancestors. It is not about blaming our ancestors for how they have affected us; It's about understanding an appreciation of family dynamics and learned repeated behaviours. It helps you gain an appreciation for what our ancestors went through without delving into the details. Empowerment is a key outcome of family constellations. I left the session with light in my heart , optimism, gratitude for my own life and confidence to move forward - feeling that I could leave what had been holding me back behind. It was beautifully facilitated by Rafe and Janey and involved the group working collaboratively to support each other through the constellations. Thank you xx
  • Online
    Hi Janey and Rafe, I didn't know what to expect, but was willing to be open to your healing methods.
    I was astounded at how effective the healing was. I knew I was in capable hands and "felt" the strong energies shifting.
    I sat for a while after our session and wrote my journal and said the "words again".
    I felt emotionally shattered in a good way and just wanted to be on my own and let the whole experience sink in.
    I felt "like a load had lifted from my shoulders" and woke up today feeling great.
    I didn't sleep well, which is unusual for me. I did have some cake so it could have been the sugar!
    Thank you so very much to you both for your patience, for listening and understanding my family dynamics. Your care and compassion was heartwarming.
    It was a privilege to work with you both.
    I look forward to listening to the recording.
    Thank you so much. You are both doing a tremendous job.
  • Online
    Family Constellations with Rafe last February literally changed my life. I was a first born and my question was about my brother and you were totally spot on! I've taken it all on board and it's made such a difference to our relationship. Also separately, re my mum. Can't thank you enough!
  • Online
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing family constellation session I had with you both yesterday evening. It was an unbelievable experience!I'm processing it still, but in the short length of time since our session, I feel a great weight has been taken off my shoulders and the constant sadness I've felt for years for my grandmother Margaret and for her mother Catherine has eased. I hope that wherever my grandmother is, I hope she is no longer troubled because she was towards the end and I was very close to her seeing her suffer.
  • Training
    I have just completed the 2 day Family Constellation Training with Rafe and have learnt so much. Brilliant course, it covered theory, how the system works, patterns and traumas that can be passed down through the generations and much more. There was lots of time for demos and time to ask questions. I feel confident to be able to run a group Family Constellation workshop and also one to one sessions with a client in person or online.
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